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Product Details

Main concept in development of new generation touring full-face was a unity of performance including firm safety and stylish design. While an inner visor which opens and closes makes it possible to correspond to various circumstances, a shell is designed not to compromise thickness of an impact absorption liner, essential factor for an impact absorption performance, and at the same time, not to be unnecessarily large. A lines streaming from side to rear head works as an integrated spoiler and improves aerodynamic performance. GT-Air creates a new standard of touring full-face.  This helmet has a standard single pane shield and is suitable for warmer weather.

What's In The Box:

  • Helmet
  • Helmet bag
  • Breath deflector
  • Silicone
  • Clear pinlock lens
  • Instructions & manual

QSV-1 Sun Visor:

QSV-1 inner sun visor injection molded and made of polycarbonate, may open and close and is adopted to SHOEI full-face helmet for the first time. This sun visor with minimum distortion has such a high performance as conforming to EN1836, European standard for sunglasses. To avoid a sudden unexpected closing of the sun visor, handling lever is held at the housing location of the sun visor. A rider encounters various circumstances such as a tunnel, glaring sunlight in summer, afternoon sun in winter and nighttime. A sun visor which opens and closes corresponds to such varying circumstances instantly.


Quietness is assured by repeated experiments in in-house wind tunnel facility. In order to restrain fatigue caused especially by noise in a long time riding, attention was paid to all of such factors as a shell in superior aerodynamics, interiors fitting to a head properly without unnecessary gap, ventilation which doesn't create noise, etc. And also, enclosed chin curtain blocks a wind for further quietness.

CNS-1 Shield:

CNS-1 shield with minimum distortion is injection molded and contacts closely and firmly to a helmet by 2 step actions of "Down" & "Press". Window beading in double lip structure blocks invasion of uncomfortable wind or rainwater. Very favored easiness of fixing and removing is, of course, maintained. No tool is necessary at all. Fixing and removing of a shield can be made easily by one touch. You can clean dirt during tour with no stress.


PINLOCK® fog-free system is standardized to secure a good vision restraining fogging of a shield under bad weather like rain or low temperature. An air chamber between a shield and anti-fog sheet avoids fogging together with moisture absorption nature of the sheet itself. The sheet larger than its predecessor covers up to top end of a shield and is used for CW-1 which is equipped to X-TWELVE, SHOEI's flagship racing model, also. A sheet which can be easily fixed and removed is easy in maintenance also same as a shield.


Ventilation can be opened and closed easily by gloved hand by moving large shutter cover. A large front ventilation absorbs an air effectively and, at the same time, exhausts a hot air around a shield. Rear outlet is designed considering riding positions and angles also. It is independent from a spoiler purely for ventilation effect.

3D Full Support Inner IV:

Inner is assembled various hardness polyurethanes. This 3-D inner give you comfortable and firmly fitting. Surface of fabric consists of highly performance moisture absorption, quick drying and raised fiber with comfortable texture.

Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.):

In the event that the rider needs medical assistance, this system allows another person to quickly provide medical help. Although prompt action is required when offering medical assistance to the rider, the rider's helmet must be removed with great care. The E.Q.R.S. provides a special ribbon on the cheek pads that can be pulled during a medical emergency to easily detach the cheek pads from the helmet. By pulling off the cheek pad that holds the rider's cheek in place, the helmet can be removed from the rider's head with ease.

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