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  • Are you bored at home? Here are some GREAT ideas from Marc, our resident mechanic:


Hi guys and gals!

While the whole country is slowly grinding down to a halt to help slow the coronavirus spread, most of us that have non-essential jobs will end up at home with a LOT of free time on their hands. When the house is cleaned and you got to fix the stuff the missus wanted you to do since the dawn of times, here’s something to do especially if you have kids and teens.

Thoroughly clean your ATV, UTV, motorcycle or snowmobile. I’m not talking of a simple wash here. Clean the stuff that never gets cleaned, like the engine compartment, airbox, under the seats and so on. If weather permits, a complete wash. Take the wheels off and clean the wheel hubs and brake system of caked-on muck. You get the idea.

Last but not least, get that maintenance you’ve been putting off for months now done. Get a service manual, go on Youtube and learn how to do stuff yourself and get your kid(s) involved. Get parts from your favorite online stores, heck, everybody delivers now! We use but go where you’re comfortable and get stuff done.

Take your time, there’s no rush. We’re doing the same!

Stay safe folks!


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