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Product Details

The S6 LED bulb is the most powerful in our range. Without any external ballast, it can be installed almost everywhere, even in the most restricted areas. Motorcycle owners greatly appreciate this LED bulb for its very intense lighting, its small size, his internal ballast and its light beam directed on the road while not blinding other drivers. It is comparable to 6000 lumens per bulb.

Its double ball-bearing fan is very efficient for cooling, which increases the power of the chips and longevity considerably. Our LED assemblies project an ultra-white light with a wider spectrum than the original bulbs. The contrast of colors will impress you and increase your degree of safety on the road.


  • Versatility: Easy to install in low beam or high beam of any bikes or powersport vehicle as it's a plug n play operation.
  • No external driver: The LED ballast is built inside Our S6 LED bulbs as there is no other piece attached on the wire. The high-quality thermoformed plastic connectors are securely attached to the wire and will not break apart. The heat generated by the LED Chips is dissipated by the double bearing fan at his base.
  • Flexibility: The small size of our S6 bulb make it very convenient for any customer looking to replace the bulb in his bike. You don't have to zip tie any ballast on the fairing, it's built-in!
  • Installation: Install without any modifications. The LED bulb is adjustable 360 degrees to allow the light beam to aim horizontally and create a strong projecting light beam pattern.
  • Instant ignition: The ignition of the chip is immediate once turned on so there is no need to warm them up it as the HID.
  • Warranty: Our S6 LED bulbs are under warranty as long as you own your vehicle. They are built to last over 30,000 hours.
  • Design: Entirely designed in aerospace grade aluminum.
  • Power: Comparable to 6000 lumens each bulb.
  • Reliability: 100% waterproof, resistant to shocks, vibration and dust. Can tolerate weather conditions from -40C up to +80C. NOT Recommended in fog light or ATV where mud or snow could cumulate and hit the fan which would result in product failure.
  • Color: Cold white is 6500K.
  • Peace of mind: Project a horizontal light beam on the road and when installed correctly, they will not bother drivers in the opposite direction.

Technical Data:

  • Bulb type: LED
  • Operating life: 30,000 hours
  • Sold: Unit
  • Projector compatible: No
  • Material: Mix of aluminum and plastic
  • Beam color: Cold White 6500K
  • Operating temperature: -40C – +80C
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Operating voltage: DC 9-32V

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, all headlight bulbs (low & high beam in the LED technology) sold by ODX are sold with the sole intention for installation and applicable vehicle location permitted by law. This product or products may not comply with some State, Federal, Provincial and/or Local laws, ordinances, regulations or emissions. The buyer takes full responsibility of the use of these products on their automobile which may or may not conform to all applicable laws and regulations for on road or highway use. The buyer absolves ODX from all responsibility in ensuring that his or her automobile is compliant with all State, Federal, Province, Local ordinances and emissions.

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