Super ATV Can-Am Outlander SwifTrac Front Differential

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Product Details

To avoid any fitment issues, please make sure to select the exact OEM# of your vehicle. If you are unsure, please reach out to us at 1-855-833-0277 for assistance prior to purchasing. Note that this part is built-to-order and NON-RETURNABLE. This part must be installed by a licensed professional to avoid any issues related to the complex installation.


  • Can-Am Outlander 400 : 2006-2015
  • Can-Am Outlander 450 : 2015+
  • Can-Am Outlander 500 : 2007-2014
  • Can-Am Outlander 570 : 2017+
  • Can-Am Outlander 650 : 2006+
  • Can-Am Outlander 800 : 2006-2015
  • Can-Am Outlander 850 : 2017+
  • Can-Am Outlander 1000 : 2012+
  • Can-Am Outlander 400 Max : 2006-2015
  • Can-Am Outlander 450 Max : 2015+
  • Can-Am Outlander 650 Max : 2006+
  • Can-Am Outlander 500 Max : 2007-2014
  • Can-Am Outlander 570 Max : 2017+
  • Can-Am Outlander 800 Max : 2006-2012
  • Can-Am Outlander 850 Max : 2017+
  • Can-Am Outlander 1000 Max : 2012+

Replaces OEM Part #:

  • 705401482
  • 705401483
  • 705401484
  • 703500907
  • 703500908
  • 703500899
  • 705400422
  • 705400425
  • 705400574
  • 705400772
  • 705401479
  • 705401487
  • 705401510

Required Lubricant:

  • AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Front Drive Fluid (AUFDQT) OR Polaris Demand Drive Fluid (2877922)


  • Instant locking front differential
  • Complete front differential assembly
  • Utilizes sprague carrier for diff locking

Traction When You Need It

SuperATV’s SwifTrac Differential is the locking front differential your Can-Am Outlander needs. It uses a sprague carrier instead of a slow working clutch pack to give you the traction you need instantly. Get more power to the ground® with SwifTrac. There’s no more spinning your tires when you get stuck. This complete differential comes fully assembled—just remove your Visco-Lok differential and bolt on SwifTrac. Fill it with oil and get rolling.

Why You Need to Ditch Visco-Lok

Can-Am’s stock Visco-Lok differential is not the locking differential you want. When you get stuck, your wheels need to spin at least one full rotation before the clutch pack will engage and lock the diff with Visco-Lok. By then, you’ve already lost your momentum and then the diff can slip.

SwifTrac Uses a Sprague Carrier

SwifTrac utilizes a sprague carrier to engage and disengage the diff lock automatically. With four-wheel drive engaged, this differential uses the sprague carrier to lock instantly as soon as traction’s needed and unlock when it’s not. No wind up and no delay. You can cruise through trails at full speed and get torque to the front tire that needs it most instead of spinning your wheels. You don’t have to think about it, it just works.

Maintain momentum as you ride instead of getting stuck and waiting for your Visco-Lok differential lock to engage. It’s the Visco-Lok replacement differential you’ve been waiting for.

Complete Bulletproof Assembly

When you buy SwifTrac, you get everything you need to get riding. It comes complete with gears, hubs, bearings, seals, hardware, and everything else you need all preinstalled. The only thing missing is oil and your UTV. It’s made with top-of-the-line materials like chromoly steel gears and a hardened 7075 aluminum sprague to ensure top notch performance on every trail.

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